TDOT Invades Reykjavik (mix download)

Quite by accident or perhaps even fate, in a cozy little post and beam Icelandic pub, an underground music night.  A dozen of us Toronto crew wanted to check things out, considering Reykjavik is known worldwide for their underground music scene.  The Tdot crew was in town for EVE Fan Fest and the Party on […]


In this episode of Machina I’m joined by my lovely partner the beautiful Saucy Miso as we review our favourite music of 2012.  It’s been one hell of a great year for underground electronic music, the result;  we produced a casual show that highlights the most memorable album releases, new shows and things that just plain impressed us.  Everything […]

RIP Mr. Kim of Augusta House

For many in the community the Augusta House is a fond night life fixture and it is with deep reflection that I share the news that many already know.  A week ago during our Subterra event, tragedy struck and Mr. Kim of the Augusta House passed away.  I know on behalf of the Subterra crew […]

In Toronto this weekend? – lots going on!

Lots of music fun going on in town this weekend… SUBTERRA sessions, awesome cutting edge underground electronics including Witch House, IDM, and Electro sets by S†NS (SINS), Hangedman, Saucy Miso, and Acerbius.   Also visuals by Jax A Muse!  In the heart of the market with cheap admission, good food, and the ever popular booze!  Friday March […]

Neuinstallation Playlist

Absolutely fantastic night of great live acts, and of course the solid as a rock Toronto community.  It’s been some time since I’ve personally felt this kind of excitement for a mini-fest of artists.  This night bodes well for future editions of Neuinstallation and as a small working part of this machine, I want to […]