Mechanical Nation Review: Nanomáquina by Cellmod

Pop on over to Mechanical Nation for a quick brief about this interesting EP by Cellmod. I just gave this a solid listen and while I’m amazed that this entire album has been made with an iPhone, I am not surprised that more people are not hacking more out of iPhone and iPad technology. Thems […]

Album Reviews by Hangedman @ Mechanical Nation

Adrian over at Mechanical Nation has asked me to do some album reviews.  This month I review the debut album by Binary Park and the incredible new release by Fractured.  Incidently, Fractured are featured on DXM 112. Binary Park’s debut album Worlds Collide, comes out of the gate  fast and strong.  This is an amazing […]

Old Site Archives

The old site was awesome!  Edwin Somnambulist of did a banger job of taking my concepts and turning them into a functional design, but alas, the deej needs a platform that is quick-n-dirteh, in-and-out!  Enter WordPress…. and here we are boldly moving forward to bring you the news, the shows, and most importantly turning […]