A corp that clubs together flys together

One of the unique things about our corporation is not only do we respect “real life” we actively engage in it.

If there’s one thing outside EVE online that fuses all of us it’s electronic music.  Surely by now you may have guessed that the Alchemists are loosely associated with EVE Radio DJ Hangedman and Saucy Miso’s respective broadcasts.  In addition founding pod pilot Prosperois a multi-

Prospero (with guest Hangedman) performing live at EBM fest Toronto 2011

album published atmospheric industrial noise artist in his own right.  Okamikazi of Scarlet Fever and Guidestone is our resident fleet command specialist.

Indeed the glue that fuses is music and the reason why so many of us seem to be closer than usual is because we tend to share a club dance floor or stand around watching awesome bands together.

We have boobies!

If you are a lover of electronic music then you’ve found your corporation!

But that’s not all!

As we’re an egalitarian, open minded and kinky bunch, we welcome everyone, and we mean everyone!  So mosey on over to our homepage and check out the finer points on what it means to be an alchemist.  Hell you may just want to join us so you can see our boobies!