Roxan Carolda, Executor Commander of the Alchemists

…Our Fire, Their Fire Surpasses…

Welcome Pilot… Welcome to the highwaymen of the stars!

Armed with a letter of marque from a secretive Parliamentary branch within the Republic, our mandate is to roam the heavens and sequestrate wealth in the name of our sealed orders.

Some call it piracy, whereas under our rather liberal contract, we like to title it contractual privateering.

This is the corporation, a place that takes-in many and asks few questions.  A place for the hardened, trodden and outcasts of the cluster. A place for smugglers, occultists, deviants and scoundrels.

The Powder and Ball Alchemist’s Union is a small, intimate gentlemen and ladies club seeking capsuleers that share these interests.

Our approach to the game is that it is just that.  Casual play  is the standing order.  Our discipline is such that orders are only given out of respect for the individual and his / her’s real life commitments.

Most corporations ops are loose and fun gangs were we recognize this is just a game and fun is the by word.

Tenets of our corporation include:

  • A focus on casual play and an individual’s flexibility in real life
  • An organized, mature group with  non-heavy approach to military structure and operations
  • While not first person role players, we’re a bunch that can appreciate the mis-en-scene of the game
  • Liberal, educated, and balanced with a healthy sense of humour
  • Real life friendships based out of Canada
  • A welcome environment with a blend of male and female players
  • EST Timezone
  • Proud members of Toronto Area Pod Pilots

Things you can expect from the Powder and Ball Alchemist’s Union:

  • To be killed often and without fear as you seek to kill and claim the prize – “fortune favours the bold!”
  • A lot of conversations about industrial and electronic music
  • A lot of references to kinky sex
  • Social events outside of the game

Sound like a blast?  Join the Alchemists contact Six Apnea or Tyburntree ingame. Or send an email to