Show 297 – Happy Fucking Birthday EVE Online

Happy Birthday EVE Online. In celebration of EVE’s 12th year, we’ve got a nice mixed bag show first broadcast on the very day of EVE’s birthday, May 6th, 2015.  With war stories from Hangedman, and lots of great cyberpunk themed music, enjoy this podcast of the evening’s festivities.  Featuring artists from all over the subculture […]

Show 224 – Dreamstate Seven Global Release of Semblance

Long time Hangedman radio contributor, friend and artist Dreamstate Seven joined us for show 224 to celebrate his first global album release of “Semblance“.   What a night.  We chowed down on Toronto Chinatown’s finest cuisine, cracked a  bottle of Icelandic Vodka saved up from EVE fanfest 2013, and gave Semblance an end to end […]

Show 217 – Best of 2013!

Broadcast live New Year’s Day, Hangedman and Saucy Miso review the great year in music that was 2013!  Featuring our favourites of the year in several categories including best album, best live show, best new discovery all presented in the usual casual fun that is an evening with HangedMiso!  Playlist is as such: Aiboforcen New […]

Machina 200

Holy Crap! Our 200th show. After five years of being on the air with EVE Radio, I’m proud to be continuing to bring you guys great music for a great station. Let’s push for 300 and see where all this goes. ARTIST TRACK ALBUM YEAR Women Should Not Drink Alcohol Behind the DJ Booth (From […]

Machina 198

Incredibly fun show, loads of new music and a really great audience.  This edition of Machina is also our Kinetik 5.5 festival pre-show promo with select tracks from the Artoffact Records annual Kinetik Festival compilation album.  It’s a fresh load of brand new music as ALL the music on 198 is from 2013 save one […]

Machina 197

Originally Broadcast live to air May 15, 2013,  Show 197 features a full suite of  new IDM, Synthpop and Industrial underground electronic music.  New material from Mimetic, Skinny Puppy, Miss Kitten and excerpts from the Crime League compilation. ARTIST TRACK ALBUM YEAR Mimetic So Little Chance Where We Will Never Go 2013 Mimetic Sparkling Love […]