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Steve Sandford
aka: (Hangedman) or (DJ Hangedman)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Hangedman is a hardworking local Toronto DJ, broadcaster, artist and musician specializing in the subculture music scene. He has been an experienced live radio DJ since 1989 and has been doing club events since 2005. His passion for music is universal and is reflected in both his on-air, club and media efforts and his shared appreciation of audiophile’s everywhere.

Hangedman’s Modus Operandi is to always keep the focus on the artist, artistry and aficiando’s of music, promoting and supporting for a healthy and exciting music scene and industry at large.

For more information about  Hangedman’s pursuits including what he can bring to your event, please download his complete CV and presskit.

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Hangedman has been hosting’s weekly subculture music show Machina (formerly known as Danse Ex Machina) since 2007.  EVE Radio forms the core of Hangedman’s efforts and his 3 hour slot remains one of the flagship shows on EVE Radio’s EDM Wednesday electronic dance music showcase.

Hangedman also contributes with writing and review contributions to Auxiliary Magazine and Mechanical Nation.

In his club life he is one of the resident DJs at Neurodance in Toronto among other amazing local events including resident DJ at Subterra, and supporting DJ at a variety of events throughout the Toronto scene.

Hangedman has also contributed to the annual Kinetik Music Festival since Kinetik 3 as a participating event DJ.

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Hangedman is also privledged to have a partner that shares his love of music.  Saucy is Hangedman’s better half, a solid DJ in her own right and together with her we can safely acknowledge that  both he and she can offer a unique team brand experience.  Anyone interested in a DJ battle???



A full technical rider is available on request. Hangedman prefers to DJ with his own full digital rig which includes laptop, legally purchased digital music library, and controller. Hangedman does have the skill and ability to operate CDJ – mixer set-ups. Hangedman only does pro bono on a case by case basis, usually for just causes, large exposure festivals and / or unique situations. Please inquire directly with Hangedman for the rider.


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