In 1989 Hangedman volunteered at CHRW 94.9 Radio Western at the University of Western Ontario, and thus embarking on a life long love for radio.  Hangedman went on to formally study Television & Radio Broadcasting in college but never really pursued a career as with everything, the internet changed everything.

Via Internet radio and pod casting, Hangedman began a wildly successful 8 year weekly with the Gaming Radio Network in the U.K.   This was a defining moment in Hangedman’s broadcast / DJ career as the popularity of his show with approximately 900 live global listeners a week, local interests began to garner interest.  He began club DJing in 2008, and as a music columnist with Auxiliary Magazine in 2011.


Photo credit: Onsen Designs

In 2008 Hangedman tapped into a thriving local Industrial electronic scene in Toronto and was recruited into club life, starting with DJ Lazarus’s legendary Dark Rave events.

From 2010 to 2014, Hangedman partnered with Edwin Sommnambulist & Dreamstate 7,  in running Toronto, Ontario’s premiere electro-industrial club night Neurodance.  This was the spring board for Hangedman to be invited to perform across North America, including festivals Kinetik (Montreal)  Codex (Quebec City) and a spot at the 2013 EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik Iceland.

Currently Hangedman works as an independent In Toronto with bi-monthly appearances with the Dirty Cupcake industrial fetish dance party at club Nocturne and other freelance positions across Ontario & Quebec.