March 3, 2018, Toronto’s newest fetish dance party inaugural event.  Thank you to everyone who came out and made this such an amazing party!  The feedback I received from this set was extremely positive and a number of folks have asked to have it posted.   As with any good fetish party, one has to cater to a number of musical tastes.  In this set I want to call out the blend of artists such as Heilung, ESA, Jonah K, Ancient Methods and Louisahhh!!!.  If stream does not work download!

Heilung Fylgija Ear Ofnir BUY
Adam X, Ancient Methods Mitral Regurgitation Cardiac Dysrhythmia BUY
ESA Then Follow Me The Beast BUY
Monolith Talisman Talisman BUY
Uberbyte Aeon DOS BUY
Ancient Methods A German Love La Saignee – Metaphsik BUY
Louisahhh!!! Ego Shadow Work BUY
Blac Kolor Kold (RAWconstruction by Liebknecht) Kold BUY
Zamilska Closer NA (single) BUY
Green Devil Jonah K Green Devil BUY
Rotersand Dare To Live Welcome To Goodbye BUY
Tobias Lilja Medicine Sings Medicine Sings Triptych BUY