wyrdcraft_mixtape_1New thing…..A little music mixing project that’s been in chrysalis inside my head for a while.  Since the end of EVE Radio and the Subterra sessions, I’ve been seeking a means of playing the music that “I” want to share.   When I say “I” I mean I do spin for the fine folks of Dirty Cupcake every other month and that is loads of fun and music that I love.  But for me there’s a personal side of music that I want to share. The difficult part is the genres and varied musics I select come from a wide and often disparate sources and styles.  But as life changes and the Gods know my life has changed considerably recently, I look to forge my tastes into something and share it.  As I’ve turned back into my mystical sphere of learning I find I’m drawn to music that facilitates this and so I offer to you all a little project I like to call the Wyrdcraft Mixtapes…. This is a fusion of inspiring music, sometimes witchy, sometimes ambient, sometimes harsh.  Music that encompasses dramatic emotion and a deep delve into the deeper parts of our hearts.  Enjoy the first installment.