DC12-2015_AThe perfect night…..seriously great vibe, beautiful people, and a extremely fun, flawless set.  Set one started things off all synthpop, and moved into a sort of tribute to 90’s trance rave and the like with some classics from the past.   It’s always a risk to inject something that dated into a set but Nocturne drank it dry and that dance floor was energetic and positive.  It’s nice to see such great artists old and new so well received. If you are interested in supporting the artists, please see the playlist as follow:



The Presets Anywhere Apocalypso BUY
Neikka RPM Tease Me Disease Me Matrix Reloaded 003 BUY
Acretongue Flowers In The Attic Strange Cargo
Rotersand Merging Oceans (Neuroticfish Remix) Truth Is Fanatic Again BUY
XP8 Engage The Bass Nigredo NA
The Prodigy Omen Noisia Remix Omen BUY
Dark Territory Kalandare (Psychedelic Trance Mix) Dichotomy Dark Moon NA
Underworld Rez Anthology 1992 – 2012 BUY
Covenant Ritual Noise Ritual Noise BUY
Special Darkness Stock Occult Box (Deluxe Edition) BUY
Crystal Castles Affection Tarantula (III) Remixes NA