HANGED_ADWe’re finally back.  The drought is over!  After a long technical hiatus the podcast is back.  We’re getting closer to show 300 and our big 8 year party so it feels good to get back to podcasting and sharing with the world the this incredible show. This week we feature new music from The Prodigy, Mind.In.A.Box, and Regenerator.

This show also has Hangedman in classic form doing another “Angry DJ” rant, about BBC’s Top Gear and friend and ally Crisiswear being out right robbed of their designs.  And we all know nothing is more entertaining than an angry DJ!

So enjoy and tune in every Wednesday evening at 8pm EST as we ramp up for some big changes and a continuation of the podcast.  Playlist is as follows…

VNV Nation Foreward Futureperfect 2002
VNV Nation Lastlight Burning Empires 2000
Architect Altitude feat. Comaduster Mine 2014
Dismantled Dystopia Dismantled 2002
The Prodigy The Day Is My Enemy The Day Is My Enemy 2015
The Birthday Massacre Superstition Superstition 2014
Angelspit Princess Chaos Metafakt Remix Vampire Freaks Compilation 2009
Aesthetic Perfection A Nice Place to Visit (Of These Hope Remix) A Nice Place to Destroy EP 2012
Mind.In.A.Box Travel Guide Memories 2015
Mind.In.A.Box I Knew Memories 2015
iVardensphere Black Lodge Fable 2015
Daimion Into The Night Promo Release 2013
Leather Strip Bondage Is Not A Crime Seasons Don’t Change 2010
Regenerator Slave Hunger 2015
Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber (Polluted Axis beats up Hello Kitty mix) Pastel Aggressive 2010
Tonikom Temporarius Delerium Sniper’s Veil 2009
Hologram_ First Piece of The Puzzle Geometric Keys 2014
Liquid Divine Prognosis Interface 2004
Liquid Divine Remember Tomorrow Interface 2004
Headscan Terra Incognita Pattern Recognition 2005
In Strict Confidence Wenn Ich Die Augen Schlie Love Kills 2000
Conventional Domestic Violence Conventional 1995
VNV Nation Further Burning Empires 2000
Pankow Dirty Old Men And Shun The Cure They Most Desire 2013
And One Military Fashion Show Bodypop 2009
3TEETH Pearls 2 Swine (Caustic Remix) Remixed 2014
Combichrist This Shit Will Fuck You Up Everybody Hates You 2005
Cut.Rate.Box Behind The Wheel (F.A.Preve Mix) New Religion 2000
iVardensphere Million Year Echo Fable 2015