DC_DEC14_Hangedman_S2Merry krampus and season’s beatings everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve dropped some tunes and with everyone in town for the holidays, the fine folks down at Taste of Armageddon along with Mr. DJ Lazarus, thought it a good idea to get your kink on with a little holiday pre-party. I had the privilege and honor of holding court in the front room of Club Nocturne with DJ Dark and we decided to have a little fun, spinning something a little different. My two sets were decidedly chill and techno inspired with a little dub here and a little witch house there. Just a smattering of stuff you don’t normally hear at a Cupcake. You guys really seemed to dig it and so here we go with a couple of posts and playlist highlighting the amazing artists that contributed to these sets.

Set 2 Playlist:


A Tribe Called Red Burn Your Village To The Ground Happy Thanksgiving Promo BUY
Black Lung hype & drive (hologram_rmx) innovation.participation.reward BUY
Grimes Genesis (Easy Girl Remix) NA NA
Die Antwoord Enter The Ninja (Dumbsteppaz Remix) $O$ Remixes BUY
Thugli FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt (Thugli remix) thugli.com NA
Royksopp What Else Is There Dub Mix What Else Is There Remixes BUY
Cloud City & Jonah K Lunar Dub Soundcloud release BUY
Tonikom Nightwalk Epoch BUY
The Horrorist One Night In NYC Manic Panic BUY
Orphx Apparation Traces EP BUY
Covenant Call The Ships To Port (Christian Morgenstern Remix) Call The Ships To Port BUY
Daimon Into The Night Soundcloud release BUY
Sleep As a Metaphor Stray Abuse By Proxy BUY