a3947658715_10Long time Hangedman radio contributor, friend and artist Dreamstate Seven joined us for show 224 to celebrate his first global album release of “Semblance“.   What a night.  We chowed down on Toronto Chinatown’s finest cuisine, cracked a  bottle of Icelandic Vodka saved up from EVE fanfest 2013, and gave Semblance an end to end listen.  Listeners really dug the sounds and a good time was had by all!  Congratulations Dreamstate Seven on all the hard work and here’s to many more albums to come!

THYX The Way Home The Way Home 2012
Dreamstate Seven Carbon Semblance 2014
Dreamstate Seven Genesis Semblance 2014
Dreamstate Seven Tylosketch Semblance 2014
Dreamstate Seven Phoenix Semblance 2014
Dreamstate Seven Aleithiometer 2k.14 version Semblance 2014
Dreamstate Seven Scales of Sapphire Semblance 2014
Dreamstate Seven Exodus Semblance 2014
Skylight Glare Neurodance Cyber City 2010
Defence Mechanisim Dance Ex Machina Invasion Of The Robot Brains From Planet Zero 2010
Legend Amazon War Fearless 2012
Memmaker Ascent (Remix by Fractured) How To Remix A Robot Uprising 2012
MDM Smothered Hope (Skinny Puppy Cover) Modern Digital Militia 2008
Mind.In.A.Box Light and Dark Lost Alone 2004
Blakopz Long Live the New Flesh As Nations Decay 2013
Aesthetic Perfection Big Bad Wolf Big Bad Wolf EP 2013
Hangedman’s Dirty Cupcake Set 1 – SEE Dirty Cupcake Set 1 FOR PLAYLIST
VNV Nation Generator Transnational 2014
VNV Nation Everything Transnational 2012