HANGEDMAN-SET2It was great to be back at club Nocturne again with a night of epic music with fellow DJs Prospero and Lazarus.   It was wall to wall capacity and each and every one of you looked damn fine in your sexy gear, steaming up the club during yet another cold winter blizzard.  The three music hosts tried shorter sets in order to keep the dance floor mixed up.  Everyone seemed to dig it!  Please enjoy set number 2 of the evening.  Big hugs to Prospero, AR13L, Laz, Saucy Jack and the Dirty Cupcake dancers for an awesome kick off in our new home at Nocturne!  And big hugs to the folks that braved the snow and wind to support the scene!

The Horrorist 13 Dobermans Attack Decay 2007
Soman Black Out Noistyle 2010
Stray Intoxicate Abuse By Proxy 2008
Monolith Zombie Nation (Kernkraft 400 Monolith remix) RealTrap.com 2014
The Prodigy Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix) The Sound of Dubstep Classics 2013
Siva Six Bladerunner (Stardust) The Twin Moons 2012
Rotersand Almost Voilent (Album Recut by Exilanation) Electronic World Transmission 2004