RADIO1Whoa!  That’s all there is to say about this past Saturday night in Toronto!  The December 2013 edition of Dirty Cupcake was OFF THE HOOK!  Everyone looked so good and the vibe was so excellent.  A fitting end to the final Cupcake at our beloved Club Neutral!  Special thanks to Prospero and AR13L for having me.  SET 1 is industrial heavy with a few extras by our featured spotlight Artists iVardensphere in celebration of their new amazing album The Methuselah Tree!  Be sure to watch for news of our next exciting event!  Artist playlist is as such and remember if you like the artist support by buying the music!


Prometheus Burning Kill It With Fire Kill It With Fire 2012
Blac Kolor Kold (RAWconstruction by Liebknecht) Kold 2013
Pzychobitch Wake Up (SITD remix) Bestie Mensch 2007
iVardensphere Filterscape (DYM Remix) I Dream In Noise: Remixes Vol 2 2012
Night Crawler Grave Digger Bassferatu 2012
Da Octopusss Time Da Octopusss 2012
iVardensphere Here Lies Lily Brant (iVs vs Pull Out Kings) APOK 2011
The Horrorist One Night In New York City Manic Panic 2001
Mind.In.A.Box Amnesia Cross Roads 2008
The Prodigy Smake My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix) The Added Fat EP 2012