erstaticHoly Crap! Our 200th show. After five years of being on the air with EVE Radio, I’m proud to be continuing to bring you guys great music for a great station. Let’s push for 300 and see where all this goes.

Women Should Not Drink Alcohol Behind the DJ Booth (From “See You Next Tuesday”) Pollinate- Signifier Label Sampler 2013
Lucidstatic Omnicide (From “Fatalist”) Pollinate- Signifier Label Sampler 2013
iVardensphere Sick Bloodwater 2010
Dark Territory Kalandare (Psychedelic Trance Mix By Zen Mechanics) Dichotomy Dark Moon 2008
Liquid Divine Overwritten Black Box 2007
Access To Arasaka Polaris Geosynchron 2011
Klinik Quiet In The Room (Mix By Eskil Simonsson Of Covenant) NA
Excision & Downlink Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix) Crowd Control Remixes-(ROTD094) 2012
Terravita Well Oiled Machine The Power Of Fire EP 2012
Modulate Skullfuck (XP8 Mix) Skullfuck EP (Limited US Edition) CD 2 2007
Noisuf-X Shut (The Hell) Up Excessive Exposure 2010
Frank Kvitta The Destroyer (feat. The Horrorist) Electronic Pleasure (feat. The Horrorist) 2012
The Retrosic Storm (DJ-Edit) Septic IV 2004
Uberbyte M0wr F0cking C0wbell Nfy 2011
The Retrosic Storm (DJ-Edit) Septic IV 2004
Sebastian Komor Game of Thrones Industrial Tech Theme Pomo 2013
Mimetic one of us where we will never go 2013
Cenotype 20.4.10111519 (Kinetik Mix) Kinetik Festival Vol. 5.5 2013