erstaticRecorded live May 29th on EVE Radio.  Bit of a mixed bag of tricks on 199, everything from Dark Techno, Witch House, and some post and previews of Kinetik 5.5 and the upcoming Artoffact Records Showcase.


3phazegenerator Black Lilac (Original Mix) Black Lilac EP 2011
Orphx Outcast (Original Mix) Boundary Conditions 2013
Dasha Rush Dark Light Blind (Original Mix) Relativismi 2011
Tonikom The Gesture The Sniper’s Veil 2009
Jonah K Translucent Bodies SoundCloud Promo 2013
Mimetic One of Us Where We Will Never Go 2013
Terrorfakt One Nation RE/Evolution 2010
Laibach America Volk 2006
Skinny Puppy Pro-Test The Greater Wrong Of The Right 2004
yelworC savage path Eclosion 2007
iVardensphere Bloodwater Bloodwater 2010
Volt 9000 How To Make a Monster Conopoly 2013
Violet Tremors Control SubMission Single 0
Corvx de Timor Nightscape 2 Change of Heart 2013
White Ring Ixc999 Black Earth That Made Me 2010
The Author 909_witch_03 Album 2012
Butterclock ALASKA  Unknown Album 2000
Encephalon Responder (Remix) Septic VI 2006
Legend Amazon War Fearless 2012