DCJULYReturning to Industrial golden years of the late nineties is always such a pleasure and you guys loved this one.  Special thanks to Prospero for once again allowing me to grace the ever awesome Club Neutral in Toronto for another edition of Dirty Cupcake.  It was a perfect summer night, hot and steamy and a great excuse for many to come out and dance in your underwear (literally).  So many sexy people, in a room with so much awesome music!  Set number one was particularly well received and so I present to you the stream and playlist:

Wumpscut Thorns (Distant Vocals Version) Born Again 1997
Fektion Fekler Limbic (Blue Torpedo Mix) Kling Klang Bedlam 1998
Angels & Agony One (Allergic Rmx) Unity 1999
Lights Of Euphoria Monument of Destruction (Dark Illumination Remix) Voices 1998
VAC vs. Funker Vogt Fortunes of War (VAC Vapourized Mix) The Remix Wars: Strike 4 1999
Cyber-Tec Let Your Body Die Cyber-Tec 1995
Apoptygma Berzerk Coma White A Tribute To Marilyn Manson 2002
Mindless Self Indulgence Bitches Bitches / Molly 1999
Bjork Human Behavior (The Underworld Mix) Human Behaviour 1995
Xorcist 1999 Newer Wave 2.0 1998
Front Line Assembly Epitaph Epitaph 2001
Digital Poodle Left-Right (Incarnate Mix) Noisea 1995
Covenant Stalker (All Shapes Rmx) Sequencer 1997