Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 10.52.33 AMAn amazing night, our best ever and the part that made it so great was the sublime music itself.  Each set from our five DJ’s Dreamstate Seven, Saucy Miso, Jonah K and Krummi from Iceland had moments of pure dance floor transcendance.  And what a spectrum!  Everything from dark drum and bass, to noise, to minimal techno blended perfectly for one special evening.  Hangedman’s playlist is below:


Maxim Schram Slip From My Hands Unknown 1998
Totakeke Virtual Intelligence Digital Exorcist 2013
Tonikom Lost to the Flames Found and Lost 2012
Meat Beat Manifesto The Most Music Igloo Trax Vol. 2 2013
Bass Kittens Shield Dub 2 Igloo Trax Vol. 2 2013
Phantom West The Rain Expedition (Tonikom Remix) The Rain Expedition 2006
Mimetic So Little Chance Where We Will Never Go 2013
Henry Strange 2010 Igloo Trax Vol. 2 2013
Trigger 10d Puddlehopping (Null Device Remix) Wax Trax ii Compilation II 2013
Tonikom The Gesture The Sniper’s Veil 2009
Mimetic One of Us Where We Will Never Go 2013