Quite by accident or perhaps even fate, in a cozy little post and beam Icelandic pub, an underground music night.  A dozen of us Toronto crew wanted to check things out, considering Reykjavik is known worldwide for their underground music scene.  The Tdot crew was in town for EVE Fan Fest and the Party on Top of the world later that week, but hitting the pub was a magical melting of music hearts as it was not long before fast friends were made including a chance conversation between Saucy Miso and Krummi Bjorgvinsson from the band Legend.  It happened to be mentioned we had all our gear at a hotel across the street and and it happened that Krummi was the pubs promoter. Just like that, a date was set for the space To be taken over by Prospero, Saucy Miso, Dreamstate Seven and myself for an evening of subculture music from the Toronto scene.

Here is my contribution to this night, recorded live April 29, 2013 at Bar Dillon in Reykjavik featuring some of my favourite current artists from the Canadian spectrum including iVardensphere, DYM, Aliceffekt, Ad.ver.sary and a few non cancon gems such as Mr. Myers remixing a few and my eternal love for all things Tonikom.


Tonikom Alibi Ocular Pitch 2006
Prospero Turning Point (Xorcist Remix) Turning Point 2011
Ad.ver.sary Friends Of Father (Tonikom Remix) Bone Music 2008
Tonikom Insence (Redux) Found and Lost 2012
iVardensphere Filterscape (DYM Remix) I Dream In Noise 2012
Klangstabil Vertaut (Renegade of Noise Remix by Daniel Myer) Vertraut 2010
Architect Attack Ships on Fire (2012) Upload Select Remix 2011
Aliceffekt Laeis 7th & 8th Passage E.th Vermillionth 2011