Capsuleers! Request & Win this February with EVE Radio! Between February 3rd and February 10th request a song on my show and get a chance at some sweet sweet profit. EVE Radio is giving away a helluva lot of ISK and if you listen to my show you’ll get a chance at smacking some of that sugar.

Here’s how it works. I’m going to drop a cheesy catch phrase on my show. This will be your counter-sign to put that into the subject line of an EVEmail with your song request. If It gets played you get on the short list for the that day’s daily draw for prizes.

….and I’m going to honey the pot!

Not only will you be entered to win the victory profits, for every request played I’m going to pop an easy 10 mil into your wallet. Think of it as the Hangedman bonus, thanking you for listening.

….a note about music.

My show focuses around a particular style of music. You up your chances of winning if you take heed of this little fact. You can’t go wrong with Industrial EBM, Synthpop, Futurepop, IDM, Noise, or Hardcore. If you request Kiesha, Bieber, Gaybar, or anything Rick Rolled, you are wasting your time. The rule is if its in my library and you win I’ll play it.

Good Luck!