This is the first mixtape in a new series I’m calling “Witch Bhan”, featuring atmospheric electronic music.  The idea behind this project is to feature music inspired by a neo / techno pagan spirit.  Each episode of Witch Bhan is a complete ritual within itself, taking the listener into a musical majick circle, inspired by nature, esoteria, mystery and beauty.  A wide variety of genres to into Witch Bahn, spanning many decades of modern electronic and neo folk music. However, they all have one thing in common, this is music that has the ability to take the soul outside it’s earthly realm and into a transformative place.  In this the first episode we start slowly, as if to prepare for a sacred ritual, moving dreamily from one cleansing track to another featuring predominant ethereal female vocals and ending on a cool but uplifting electronic note. Enjoy!

The playlist:

Justin R. Durban Devil’s Bluff 2006
Unto Ashes Banishment Spell Grave Blessings 2005
VNV Nation Prelude Judgement 2007
Black Tape For A Blue Girl The Scavenger Bride The Scavenger Bride 2002
Love Spirals Downwards Sidhe Ardor 2001
Liquid Divine Prognosis Interface 2005
Enya Aldebaran The Celts 1986
Arcana The Tree Within Cantar De Procella 1997
V Combust (feat. Hangedman) Vollies V1. Unreleased 2010
Byron Metcalf The Shaman’s Heart 2 Projekt Winter 2013 Sampler 2013
Legend Amazon War Fearless 2013
Alienhand Forever Lost 2008
Tonikom Orbit Found and Lost 2012