A most memorable 42nd birthday for ye olde Hangedman with the honour of spinning a set for Toronto’s F#UCK YEAH PARTY!  Special Thanks to Crimson Shok and Paul Savage for an extremely fun, music and drunk filled night!

I am informed that there will be another and highly recommend folks check out all the fun.  Also props to the great staff at Tota on Queen St.  That sublime espresso picked me up enough to help me get all ridonkulous!

AND, thank all the great scenesters who came out to celebrate!  I really hope you all had a good time.  Here is my playlist for the night!

Studio-X Party Neo-Futurisim 2011
DYM Rapture Technocratic Deception 2012
Frank Kvitta The Destroyer (feat. The Horrorist) Electronic Pleasures (feat. The Horrorist) 2012
Amok vs. Stormtrooper Apokalypse Substanz Cleansing the Sphere 2009
Phosgore Hardcore Shit (SAM Remix) Club Domination (Promo) 2009
ESA The Shape of Hate To Come Accretion – Tympanik Audio 5 Year Anniversary Comp. 2012
C/A/T Smashed (v.2) ATF 2006
SAM Warning Brainwasher 2010
Prometheus Burning eeVilutiOn Kill It With Fire 2012
Memmaker Ascent How to Enlist a Robot Uprising 2008
iVardensphere Of Ancient Reprise (Rad Bromance mix by Adversary) I Dream in Noise Remixes Vol. 2 2012
Captive Six Shut Down Everything (Cervello Eletronico Mix) The Captive Six Demos 2010
Daniel Meyer Attack Ships On Fire Promo track 2012
Alicffekt Laeis 7th Passage E.th Kinetik Festival Vol. 3 2010