Minmatar: The survivors!

In my introduction to this series of articles, the goal is to guide real-life folks to where they can build a super-awesomesauce outfit that looks like it stepped right out of the EVE universe.   Today we look at how to build a Minmatar impression.

Ahhhhh the Minmatar, my favourite!  The underdogs, the tenacious, spirited and often endearingly clumsy faction of EVE holds on for dear life and  shows no quarter!

As far as cosplay goes, in many ways the Minmatar get the prize for choice.  Like their ships, the Matarian can get away with a mismatched, dusty pieced together look, borrowing from all three of the other factions.   Anything falling apart goes, so all the Matarian has to do is patrol their local thrift shops with an eye for creativity and they can use gum, tape and wire (just like their ships!) for a DIY classic thrown-together Minmatar look.  Since the Minmatar look is so versatile, I’m going to indulge in some rather expensive examples below, so humour me coz, some of this stuff is way cool.

Like the Amarrian example  we looked at earlier, I turn to Dune as my inspiration, but this time the Fremen tribes!  As a struggling slave race I picture Matarians utilizing a lot of leathers, natural fibres and fraying, patched looking fashions. Ripped up petticoats, shemagh scarves or dusty solid colour kilts and cargos pants.

Rag tag use of Crisiswear for that Minimatar look!

As  tribal society Minmatar also get the privilege of  getting away with less clothing than anyone else.  We saw this by citing the Crisiswear Wastelander and Frontal Assault ensemble mentioned in the Caldari section of this series.  This dude is really just accenting his tattoos which is about as Matarian as you can get.

In addition of all the races I can see Minmatar getting away with more fetish wear such as leather collars and harnesses than any other race.

I already marked Crisiswear as the quintessential Caldari fashion must have, however, I must say, for the ladies in particular there are a number of Crisiswear designs that are pure Mini.

Let’s just take a moment to admire the gorgeous Vera Blue (left)  in all her tribal glory!

Here’s she mish-mashes Crisiswear’s Black Holo-Type top and OD Green Convert utility belt and Sync Leggings (all available from the Crisiswear shop) along with a smattering of choice accessories.  All that is missing from this lovely piece are facial tattoos, which I wouldn’t put past Vera getting if we pressed her on the issue!


Fake dreads are easy to make!

But STOP!   Before we delve any further down the Minmatar fashion path, lets just say one word.  Dreadlocks and tattoos!  Okay that’s two words, but still. Again we cite the lovely Vera.  Now we all can’t just run out and get bright red dreadlocks.  But did you know that fake dreads are not only easy to wear, readily available and easy to make with a ton of DIY guides online for us normal muggle types!

The tattoos part is a tad more difficult if  you want something realistic but there are fake tattoo resources that are way cooler than the roses and dragons crap you’ll get from that grocery store vending machine!  You just got to look for them!  Bindi’s and war paint also work for when you want to muck-up that pretty face Minmatar style!

American made Utilikilts blends nicely with a space worn tribal Matarian

For gents, how about a proudly American made workman’s utilikilt combined with a set of  cyber armour and synth dreads!  Yes all told it’s a pricey set of kit, but totally awesome and very Mini!

I mentioned earlier that frayed fabrics and worn leathers add to the futuristic tribal look.  We also mentioned Shaman Electro for some amazing Amarrian wear but equally cool are these Cyberian Leathers, or these Zuav Leathers.  There’s also these amazing dusty looking Off-Road ¾ pants or Kustom Trance-it pants.  You can’t get much more Matarian than these!  And YES, some of the costs here are even too rich for Hangedman’s blood, all things considered regarding my rant about how we should support designers.  But hey, if you want a look, you want a look and there are a number of designers out there that do similar things at less ISK, OR, if you are the DIY type, taking a pair of old desert cargos and modifying, adding rivets, aprons and grommets can achieve the same overall dusty, dirty, Minmatar effect.  That’s the great thing about the Minmatar the more DIY the better!

Then there’s these guys!

A San Diego company called AD2013!   Again, uber expensive designer wear but one can draw lots of inspiration from this look!  Their use of crafted leather utility belts and harnesses, and frayed comfortable fabrics screams Matarian.   For the tribal man, there’s the comfy utilitarian looking 2013 coat!  The ladies version is the Urban Mayan Coat to go with the Urban Mayan leather wrap.  Or chains skirt…. Or Cobra Top….Or 2013 Shrug….Or 2013 Studded Pocket Belt.  See where I’m going here?

2013 is a bit on the pricey side, I will admit.  But if you take a careful look at the details, right down to the bone fastenings on the Urban Shrug, you can appreciate that this is top quality designer stuff and any capsuleer worth his salt would willingly invest in

Again with the Crisiswear. We love these guys!

it for that special capsuleer appearance!  Besides, let’s be clear, at least a lot of this stuff is cheaper than buying from the Noble Exchange!  LOL.

So with the Minmatar, we’ve covered the four basic factions of EVE Online.  But the fashion parade does not stop here!

In the coming months I’ll be supplementing these core articles with mini posts regarding basic accessories and universally appealing cyberpunk elements that really fit with any sci fi New Eden cluster look and feel.

In addition, let’s just say there’s a standing call for ideas out there. if you have pics or ideas regarding fashion, shoot me a line and I’ll post it here for all the world to see!

And just one more time, just for the helluvait….here’s <3 Vera <3 !




OOOOOH MY GAWD I knew I forgot someone.   The whole time I was writing this article I knew there was a designer I was leaving out.    Lo and behold I give you  JUNKER DESIGNS.  Rather than just ramble on at how obviously cool and Minmatar these guys are….  I’m just going to post some pics.

That’s what I’m talking about…

Junker Designs, so goddam awesome!

Leathery nomnom

Pure mini!