Amarr: Ruthless devotion...

In my introduction to this series of articles, the goal here is to provide a guide  for real-life folks on where they can build a super-awesomesauce outfits that look like they stepped right out of the EVE universe.   Today we look at how to build an Amarr impression.

I’ll admit, the Amarr are a bit of a challenge.  This is a society steeped in strict religious codes of conduct.  The presence of God and the divine Empress are foremost in the thoughts of the everyday Amarrian.  When I think of the Amarr, for some reason I instantly think of a Dune-like society, specifically the Harkonnens.  But I’m Minmatar at heart so of course I’d think this way!  At any rate, even outside this frame of thinking, the Amarr Empire is the oldest and wealthiest of the factions and an empire such as this is not built without  ambition and ruthlessness.

Such a society are less futuristic military like we’ve seen with the Caldari, and certainly not the decadent fashion conscious Gallenteans!  No, to me the Amarr are the serious, cultish robe wearing types.

Time for your daily dose of Vitoc!

Unfortunately robes are hard to pull off without looking dorky.  You don’t want to look too “cultish” for fear of scaring the children. You also don’t want to look like you’ve just borrowed your Mom’s hooded bath robe.

For this I kept my eyes peeled outside the traditional futuristic cyber market.  Despite Amarrian society being quite harsh, I picture them wearing softer easy flowing and smooth line clothing, almost as if to lull all us non-believers into an impression that theirs is a soft and benevolent God.

I found the Gompa and  Otaka long coat offered by cyber boutique Cryoflesh!  Long, smooth and

Amarr, for all your hooded needs...

spartan, just like Amarrian society!

But for everyday wear again I looked around my local Toronto backyard and found the sinister and yet gentle flowing designs of Nuit.

Even the giant symbol on the Nuit website rises above all else like the mighty Amarrian God.  For the devout gent, the Executioner tunic, or how about this sinister puppy with built-in-gauntlets!   There are also lovely hooded outfits such as the Fractal Dimension dress for the Amarrian princess!  And not all Amarrians wear evil looking hoods, some wear evil looking long flowing sleeves such as the Avalon Waterfall Sleeve dress.

Based out of Asia, designers from Shaman Electro have a number of items that Amarrian capsuleers will dig!  For example the Baster top could be worn by either male or female Amarrian pod pilots. (Again Hangedman, what’s with the hoods?!)  It does not matter which sex it’s made as an Amarrian’s only concern is his devotion the devine Empress! Right?

Cyberdog's X Man Suit

Same goes for the Ailvina jump suit, although I suspect this looks more appropriate as Amarrian pajamas.  Still, the right person with the right accessories could easily pull this off. Shaman Electro’s Masamune pants have that Amarrian look and Indeed a variety of Shaman Electro can be mixed and matched to reflect the spiritually fervent realm of Amarr.

Cyberdog out of the famous Camden in the UK have a number of items suitable for the causal Amarrian gentleman.  Take the severe yet comfortable Exo too long sleeve top, or the appropriately named Guardian Angel II shirt.  Combine these with the Cyclone Fleece or Bio Hoodie!  Considering that Amarrian society is the most conservative of the four factions, perhaps the more formal X Man Suit Jacket is in order, to show a certain temperance in taste while remaining fashion conscious!  Such choices are perfect for those Paladins that do not wish to appear too sinful in their outward expression!

Admittedly the Amarr are tough.  Their look is clean.  You can’t just slap together a bunch of stuff to pull an Amarrian look off.   You got to be precise in both the way your cloth hangs and the ornamentation that goes with it.

However, in the fourth edition of this article series we will examine a faction that prides itself on just slapping junk together with gum tape and wire and making it fly.  Of course I’m talking about the Minmatar!