Gallente: Proud and Free...

In my introduction to this series of articles, the goal here is to guide real-life folks to where they can build a super-awesomesauce outfit that looks like it stepped right out of the EVE universe.   We’ve already studied the best designers to pull-off a Caldari Impression. Today we look at how to build a Gallente impression.

I’ve always pictured Gallente society to be much more cosmopolitan, perhaps even more decadent than any of the EVE Online factions.

Gallentean society is a liberal democracy.  Therefore, there’s much more freedom of expression than the other three empire cultures.

If we examine the Gallentine aesthetic through their ship designs we see a very organic and flowing use of shapes and accents.  One could even argue they are the most “modern” of the factions.

The first designer that comes to mind  for the fashion conscious Gallentean capsuleer is Toronto’s own Plastikwrap.

Again these people are personal friends of mine and so when I say there’s quality as well as amazingly creative design, I know what I’m talking about.

Here’s a picture of head designer Adriana in the shop sporting the CircU-L8R dress.  Can you get anymore Gallente that this awesome dress?

Adriana's shop "We Are Radar" is full of Gallente fashion!

Of all the EVE Online factions, Gallentean gents seem the hardest to outfit.  But Plastikwrap has you all covered.  I don’t have to say much but simply give you the Project Influence gallery!  Indeed almost every piece of Plastikwrap clothing for men can be Gallentean.  Take for example the Intercept series pants and the Incongnito top combined with the Dune Jacket. And this is only one combination of many from the Plastikwrap men’s line.


Cool as a cucumber shaped Thorax!

I also picture Gallentean fashion being universally worn by all the factions to some degree.  Capsuleers may go to Jita to shop for ships (and grief each other), but everyone goes to Gallente Prime for high fashion!  Plastikwrap’s fashions reflect this universal choice.  In the recent film adaptation of “Total Recall” Plastikwrap fashions were selected for some of the background actors and if Hollywood is selecting them for off-the-rack futuristic clothing, you too can snap together a Gallente impression fairly quickly with a trip to their online store.  If you are local to Toronto, the Plastikwrap crew runs a designer boutique in Kensington Market called We Are Radar.

Of course Plastikwrap covers a lot of Gallente fashion, I also see Gallentians being fairly shameless when it comes to

Cyberesque men's corsets do not come with their very own Saucy Miso accessory...

the nightlife.  Of all the EVE Online factions to wear a see- through plastic dress with glowing trim, it would be the Gallentean!  Right?  For example I dare someone to wear this ensemble from Toronto latex design shop Artifice Clothing!  Fanfest won’t know what hit em!  Equally as sexy with a myriad of unique and futuristic choices is Cyberesque out of Germany!  Pictured to the left is me, Hangedman, wearing one of their men’s line corsets as a form of slick futuristic armour.

Going back to the ladies for a second, again there is ripe choice out there in cyber fashion.  For example the Legendary UK design shop Cyberdog has a number of incredible looks that would suite a Gallentean woman, in particular.  Take for example Blossom dress, or the Extreme Bell!  And how about these super sexy Torture suspenders!

Perhaps the most Gallentean of all are the skirts offered by cyber boutique Cryoflesh offering a series of undeniably Gallentian inspired items such as the Aquarius, Alienus and Neophyte series.  Also from Cryoflesh are offerings for the fashion concious Gallentean man such as the Initiate and Rift Dweller tops.

As far as the budget conscious Gallentean, sadly I have little to offer.  Of all the fashion conscious factions in EVE, I’m afraid the Gallenteans spend more on clothes than any one else.  And as a free and socially conscious society they do not engage in mass produced slave labour like the Amarr.  So it is designer wear all the way for the Gallente Federation, a society that holds good taste and style in very high regard!

The amazing Aquarius skirt, in perfect Gallente colours!

In the next edition of this article series we’re going to the polar opposite and looking at how to build an Amarr impression, arguably the most challenging of all the EVE factions to outfit.  Stay tuned!

PS… As always if you have a local designer that hits the Gallentean nail on the head, please leave it in the comments below along with any other Gallentean inspired fashion ideas!