Look like one of these cool cats!

Some call it cosplay, some call it club wear, while some freaks wear it proudly everyday.  The availability of cyberpunk fashion is out there so much so that there’s ripe choice for EVE Online fanatics who want to immerse themselves by dressing the part of their online character.  Perhaps you secretly want an outift to wear just when you are playing, perhaps you want something a little special for Fan Fest and other EVE themed gatherings.  Maybe you want to “represent” at a local comic or sci-fi convention.  I’m here to guide you to some amazing designers and resources that will facilitate dressing the part of a pod pilot in real life!

First a caveat!  I’ve chosen to feature independent designers in these articles as much as possible mainly because A) they are awesome and creative

This is what Saucy Miso and I wear when we play EVE….for realz!

people.  B) They are artists in their own right and deserve the attention and your money.  In my experience, independent designers are the folk who are most likely to be innovative in the cyberpunk sphere and their inspirations in turn help us in building our outfits. Buying local and independent makes the world go round!  With this in mind the price tag of designer wear is often more tap on the wallet than buying poorly made crap from a mass produced company.  So save your real life ISK my friends as my feeling here is creating a proper capsuleer impression is a “special” thing and as a result a slightly increased cost is appropriate.  Where possible I try to suggest budget alternatives as well as the crème de la crème of cutting edge cyberpunk designers.  But of course creativity is the name of the game and you can’t go wrong with designers.

Second caveat.  These articles are written with the male fashion impression in mind first.  That’s not to say I’m not leaving out the ladies.  My reasoning for this is unfortunately it is much much harder to find cyberpunk fashion for guys than it is for girls.  So whether you are a dude or a G.I.R.L (or a girl), I’ll cover it all with slightly more attention on creating a male impression.

This will be a five part series of blog articles that goes through each of the four main Empire factions of EVE Online and finishes off with a review of how to accessorize for all of them.  In review these four main factions are the stark militaristic Caldari, the metropolitan and free Gallente, the severe and imperialistic Amarr, and the no-nonsense, trodden and tribal Minmatar.

SO without further delay, let’s move on to part the first!  The Caldari!

UPDATE: Here are the rest of the articles in order…