Caldari State: militaristic, ambitious...

In my introduction to this series of articles, the goal is to guide real-life folks to where they can build a super-awesomesauce outfit that looks like it stepped right out of the EVE universe.   Today we look at how to build a Caldari impression.

In the EVE Online Novels by Tony Gonzales, the Caldari emerge as a stark and regimented society.  Despite being described as hyper-capitalistic, I often picture them almost Soviet-like in their conservatism.  The stories build a society that is homogenized perhaps with a consistent uniform and future-military look.

For the pod pilot on a budget a trip to ones local military surplus can get you the core of what you need in the form of field cargos, epaulette shirts and all manner of cool holsters and pouches for the no-nonsense Caldari capsuleer.

But considering we’re dealing with the hyper-tech future we need something more to set the Caldari look apart.  Chicago design atelier Crisiswear is the perfect fit!  Run by a man named (oh-so apropo) Flux, this guy’s appearance could literally have stepped right out of a Caldari ship hanger.  Here’s a picture of him and his space pirate buddy Brian Dickie in all their badass glory!

Flux pictured to the left: "30 million ISK or we blow your pod with gleeful abandon."..

Flux is a personal friend and so while I’m biased I can also completely vouch for the quality and amazing creativity of this man’s designs.  I can also say the man himself is as tough as a Drake, with the business acumen that would make any Caldari super-corp proud.  This attitude produces cutting-edge designs that cares little for the fact that Crisiswear is about 3000 years ahead of its time.  Materials are no-nonsense duck canvas and cottons, stitching is reinforced and riveted.  This is quality stuff that many a burningman veteran has advocated.  If this stuff survives the Nevada desert it certainly can survive the cold void of space and the close scrutiny of Ishkone QA drones.

Crisiswear offers a variety of amazing collections that scream Caldari.  For example, bare minimum, picture the Solo utility holster strapped to a pair of combats and muscle shirt combo.  For more of a bang, see a pair of Regulator pants and a Badland Cowl, or Override vest! Voila, you now have an amazing and unique Caldari look.

Crisiswear, for all your Caldari needs...

But the other great thing about Crisiswear is the fact that many of his clothes transcend the EVE factions to the point where mix and matching can produce clothing for any EVE race.  Picture the Kensen hood and cowl for the devout Amarrian Paladin.  Or the Wastelander top with Frontal Assault pants for the Nation Warrior of Minmatar!  Of course, you are on your own for the tribal tattoos.

For the Caldari lady, how about the Exo cowl and Cyberdoll skirt!

Another amazing Caldari inspired look comes from Toronto design shop, Futurestate.  Even the name rings of Caldari!  These guys make no bones about the fact that their clothing is future-military inspired.  The crisp lines and minimalist accents make Futurestate clothing look like it’s Home Guard issue!

Statue Issue!

Check out the Accost sweater for example!  Or the Coat – U77 with a pair of Service pants.  Just plug in the spine sockets and you are ready to go!

And ladies, nearly every one of Futurestate’s outfits are Caldari issue.  It’s like walking into a futuristic military surplus boutique!  Tibus Heth would be proud!

Long live the state!

In the next article, we’ll look at the Gallente Federation and feature designs from Plastikwrap, Cyberdog and others!

PS:  If you have any other designers you can recommend. please leave a comment below!