Break and Noise with a dash of Industrial and IDM forms the piping hot and tasty stew of Machina 167. We had a great audience this night with a slew of new listeners and some returning old guard we have not seen in a while.  All told, a damn find blend of music broadcast live to air on September 5, 2012. Playlist for the evening is as follows:


Dark Territory Kalandare (Psychedelic Trance Mix By Zen Mechanics) Dichotomy Dark Moon 2008
Static Sense Deep Sea Monster (Original Mix) Deep Sea Monster EP 2012
Mind.In.A.Box Forever Gone Lost Alone 2004
Alex Tune What Is A Mashup? VA – Themeless 2 2010
Charly Linch Puttin’ Back The Cock In Drum ‘N Bass VA – Themeless 2 2010
Sadistic 215bpm Breakcore Fuckface VA – Themeless 2 2010
Stormtrooper No One Gets Me Alive Brainstorm (Disc 1) 2008
Belladonnakillz Hektik Industrial Strength presents – Industrial Fucking Strength 4, ‘Chillin is Killin’ (CD2: Killin) [2002] 2002
Esa Black Trip Themes of Carnal Empowerment, Pt. 1: Lust 2012
W.A.S.T.E. Deadface Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2010
Winterkalte Stop Exxon Maschinenfest (2002) 2002
Converter Cloud Eye (Remix By Prospero) Expansion Pack 2.0 2005
Suono Bombe (Big Fat Bomb Mix by dB) United Dark Styles 2011
Flesh Field Inside (Railgun Remix) Redemption 2000
Soman Noistyle Noistyle 2010
Siva Six Blade Runner (Stardust) The Twin Moons 2011
Velvet Acid Christ Sex disease The Church Acid 2003
Haujobb Lost New World March 2011
Skinny Puppy Vyrisus Handover 2011
Shiv-r Parasite Hold My Hand 2010
Amduscia Perverse Party Madness In Abyss CD. 1 2008
Caustic Mmm Papscraper I Love You (Tonikom rmx) Rainbows, Puppies and Crap 2006
Daft Punk VS Basic Slack Armory (Basic Slack Remix) Tron Legacy Aftermath 2010
Conventional Collisions Web Release 1999
Jonah K Forgotten Tunnels aria_remix Web Release 2011
Marching Dynamics eschelons (the ninth life) The Workers Party Of Haiti 2009
Nanocannon Duno Dreary VA – Themeless 2 2010
Dirk Geiger Elf Morgen (Anklebiter remix) Elf Morgen 2012
VNV Nation Prelude Judgement 2007
Arte Fact Ascend Web Release 1999
Stray Let Me Go Letting Go 2012
Dismantled Background – Hypersleep Dismantled 2002
Frozen Plasma Open Monumentum 2010