Recorded live at the legendary Darkrave v. 140, Hangdman’s Cyber Industrial set. Going on 13 years strong the Darkrave formula continues to distill the finest underground hard electronic dance music in the scene. Bringing together a variety of EDM DJs and genres that tick together for a night of hard beats, dark loops, and positive vibes. Don’t miss the next Darkrave, this is one of Toronto’s finest.

Special thanks to DJ Lazarus for hosting and the great crowd who supported.  Download Hangedman’s set here, playlist is as follows:

Kate Mosh Across The Universe Dynamo 2001
The Horrorist Mission Ecstasy 2003 (Acardipane Phuture Remix) Mission Ecstasy 2003 Vinyl 2003
Modulate Hard and Dirty (A.D.A.M. Lab4 Remix) Robots 2012
Shiv-r Parasite Hold My Hand 2010
Siva Six Blade Runner (Stardust) The Twin Moons 2011
[X]-Rx Escalate Activate The Machinez 2012
Reaper Robuste Maschine Hell Starts With an H 2007
Angelspit Fink Lunarmix (Noir du’Soleil Remix) Larva Pupa Tank Coffin 2010
Frank Kvitta The Destroyer (feat. The Horrorist) [Boris S. Remix] Electronic Pleasure (feat. The Horrorist) 2012
Stormtrooper No One Gets Me Alive Brainstorm (Disc 1) 2008
Detroit Diesel Under Fire Coup d’Etat [North American Edition] 2012
iVardensphere Here Lies Lily Brant (Ambassador 21 Remix) I Dream In Noise: Remixes Vol. 2 2012