Loads of amazing new and upcoming releases from Metropolis Records featured on the show for 161, including new iVardensphere remix EP, new and much anticipated Modulate EP, Some Skinny Puppy bootlegs, new Assemblage 32, new Heimataerde.  Plus new stuff from Aliceffekt and a excellent debut from Blakopz.  Recorded live July 11 as part of eve-radio.com’s EDM Wednesday line-up!

iVardensphere Filterscape (DYM Remix) I Dream In Noise: Remixes Vol. 2 2012
Modulate Robots (Radio Edit) Robots 2012
Skinny Puppy Assimilate (Warsaw) Bootlegged, Broke And In Solvent Seas 2012
BlakOPz Hunted Blood, Sweat And Fear 2012
Sinsect After The Bomb Bug Life 2011
Assemblage 23 The Noise Inside My Head Bruise (Deluxe) 2012
Heimataerde Allein Gottgleich 2012
Modulate Hard and Dirty (A.D.A.M. Lab4 Remix) Robots 2012
iVardensphere Here Lies Lily Brant (Ambassador 21 Remix) I Dream In Noise: Remixes Vol. 2 2012
BlakOPz Injustice For All (Terrorkode Remix) Blood, Sweat And Fear 2012
Cesium_137 Logic Bomb Science and Sound 2012
Assemblage 23 The Noise Inside My Head [Grendel Rmx] Bruise (Deluxe) 2012
THYX Crack It The Way Home 2012
Aliceffekt VLP09 – Views from within the Millionth Nebulum Vetetrandes, Lettres Perdues 2012
[:SITD:] State Of Tyranny Icon:Koru 2011
Decoded Feedback Blade Runner Tribute disKonnekt 2012
Stray Miles From Here  Sounds from the Matrix 11 2011
Covenant Call The Ships To Port (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)  Call The Ships To Port EP 2002
iVardensphere Virus  Scatterface 2009
Mind.In.A.Box Light and Dark  Lost Alone 2004
Adversary Bone Music Bone Music 2008
Psykkle In God We Lust Rock Bottom Paradise 2011
:Wumpscut: Bunker Gate Seven (Original) Bunker Gate Seven 1995
Encephalon The Transhuman Condition (Singularity) Dependence 2012 2012
Dismantled Whole Wide World Dependence 2012 2012
Flesh Field Fallen Angel (Absolution Mix by Negative Format) Redemption NA