Denizens of the core that is Toronto and the hazardous outlander zones, a rare and delightful treat is coming your way.  The End of Days tour is scorching earth bringing the finest in rhythmic noise artists from across North America all on one stage!  iVardensphere, W.A.S.T.E, Ad.ver.sary, along with End the DJ, do I need say anymore???

Toronto’s planned drop of this amazing tour is hosted by NeuInstallation!  So, why pray ye ask should you shell the paltry pocket change to attend this amazing event?  Here are eight solid reasons:


1.       It’s cheap

  • Pocket change I say!  A mere $14 advance gets you in!  That barely buys a salad these days, and even if you do pay at the door $20 is a yuppie food stamp!  People this is great value for live music!

2.      The Rivoli is  great place

  • This is one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets!  In days of yore I’ve seen many a band on this stage.   The sound is premium and it’s medium sized enough to be intimate, large enough to happily host all you audiophiles!

3.      iVardensphere is hot

  • Back in 2009, the boys of Neurodance threw down an iVardensphere track at Dark Rave 108 and Toronto craved MOAR!  Today iVardensphere is one of Industrial’s most innovative and sonically awesomesauce bands.

4.       W.A.S.T.E is hot

  • California based rhythmic noise act W.A.S.T.E is one force to reckoned with!  Armed with strong reviews of their music, Toronto now gets to feel the full force of this incredible act.

5.       Ad.ver.sary is hot

  • Not only is this band hot, Ad.ver.sary now calls Toronto home so show your #torontopride by coming out to see this act blow shit up!  Their performance at Kinetik was bar none, this is one band with a musical message and you do not want to miss.

6.      End the DJ, one super cool guy

  • Bringing both his original mixes and original music to global audiences, End the DJ is a planet traversing DJ of the finest quality.  If you love the oontz, you’ll love End the DJ!

7.       End of Days

  • This is history people!  The End of Days tour is on with dates scheduled across North America.  NeuInstallation is proud to present this awesome night of talent!  Say you were there to all of your soon to be jealous friends!

8.       It’s all about the music

  • NeuInstallation exists to bring back the “small and live” music experience with top quality acts both local and global.   These concerts are dedicated to the scenester that supports the music.  If you love the music you will love the latest NeuInstallation offering!  Come out!  Support the Scene!

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