It’s two kick-ass live mixes in one high energy show. Hangedman throws down the oontz, while Saucy Miso breaks the mold and spins Electro. Great show, with guest Ian, shout outs to and all around EDM Wednesday ear candy. Recorded live on to a global audience February 15th, 2012 0000 GMT. ┬áPlaylist is as follows…

Hangedman Neurodance live mix
Posgore Into The Void Warhead 2012
T3rr0r 3rr0r 3d Digital Infection 2010
Reaper Robuste Mashine Hell Starts with H 2007
Alien Vampires Evil Will Always Find You Evil Bloody Music 2010
Angelspit Fink Lunarmix (Noir du’Soleil Remix” Larva Pupa Tank Coffin 2010
Suicide Commando Massaker Blind Torture Kill 2006
Solitary Experiments Immortal (Ioc Mix by Sebastian Komor) Immortal 2009
SAM Murder Inc. Brainwasher 2009
Cervello Elettronico What You Want Negate the Instigator 2007
Memmaker Kobenhaven (Version) Kinetik Festival Vol. II 2009
Mind.In.A.Box Cause and Effect Revelation 2012
iVardensphere Ancients Bloodwater 2011
Saucy Miso Attak! Subterra live mix
iVardensphere Here Lies Lily Brant (iVs vs. Pull Out Kings) APOK 2011
Soman Blackout Noistyle 2010
Captive Six Seeing A Dwarf Staring At You And Deciding to Follow it. Receding Credit Line 2010
Caustic Orchid (feat. Unwoman) The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit 2011
Crookers Magic Bus Mad Kidz 2008
MSTRKRFT Neon Knights The Looks 2006
D.I.M and TAI Ion Ion 2011
Combichrist Throat Full Of Glass (Dub Mix By Computer Club Mix) Throat Full of Glass 2010
Aesthetic Perfection The Devil’s In The Details (Remix by Pull Out Kings) The Devil’s In The Details EP 2011
Ascii Disko Jawbreaker (24 bit body function) Kinetik Festival Vol. III 2010
Shaun F Drty Fckn Dsko Sounds From the Matrix 008 2009
DJ Mini Chronicles (David Carretta Remix) Kinetik Festival Vol. III 2010
Crookers Lollypop Mad Kidz 2008
Mr. Oizo Douche Beat Stade 2 2011
Caustic Bad Habits (Pull Out Kings Remix) Douche Ex Machina 2011
Mustard Pimp Valium NA NA
Sound of Stereo Flatland NA
Strip Steve The Beast Boyz Noize pre. Super Acid NA
Congorock Babylon (Dub) Switch 16 2010
Mustard Pimp RER D (Villeneuve Triage Edit) Rer ep. NA
Soman Body Mod Noistyle 2010