The soft transfer from DXM to Machina including the first Borealis segment of the show produced by Saucy Miso!  3 hours of subculture machine made music!

Dirk Geiger Winter Senses Autumn Fields 2010
Tonikom Salvo Infinitum Epoch  2008
Drumatix Six & Da GobliNN Pritty Girl (Jonah K Remix) Pritty Girl – EP 2011
NeikkaRPM  NA Chain Letters 2011
Siva Six Blade Runner (Stardust) The Twin Moons 2011
Psy’Aviah Wired Life Introspection ~ Extrospection 2011
Reaper Execution Of Your Mind By Modulate Hell Starts With An H 2007
Phosgore Into the Void Warhead 2011
T3rr0r 3rr0r 3d Digital Infection 2011
Ivardensphere Calibrating The God Machine SCatterface 2009
Psykkle Blessed By Lesser Gods Rock Bottom Paradise 2011
Terrorkode Sew My Eyes (Sebastian Komor’s Cabinet Bass Remix) Sew My Eyes – EP 2011
Combichrist Get Your Body Beat (Manufactura Remix) Get Your Body Beat 2006
Uberbyte M0wr F0cking C0wbell Nfy 2011
Mind in a Box Cause and Effect Revelations 2012
Covenant Ritual Noise (Version S) Ritual Noise 2006
Eisenfunk Pong (Bodyharvest Remix) 8-Bit 2010
The Prodigy Thunder Invaders Must Die 2009
Trills Child’s Play Citric Drop 2007
Kashmir Boots 14-10-2006 One on Towism Volume 2 2008
Candle Nine Imperfect The Muse in the Machine 2010
Midmir Where Things Become Small Step Into A Dream 2010
Boreal Network The Big Fitz Aviation Weather NA
DNN Looking Back (atmogat remix) Crazy Compilation #2 NA
Midmir Canelle Step Into A Dream 2010
Kashmir Boots Miranda’s Infatuation One on Twoism Vol. 3 2009
Dissolved Sliktramine The Silica Sleep Coils 2007
Boreal Network Pause (Re Up Bikehigh USA 2: Nettles Revenge 2009
Asymmetrical Head Liquid Bling Encrypted Beats NA
Candle Nine R5-D50-R8 (R2-D2C3-PO Mix by Autoclav 1.1) The Muse in the Machine 2010
Nebulo Batman Dancefloor Artefact 2010
Midmir Newport Riverbed Step Into A Dream 2010
Cilocub Slowly Turning Leaves March Febrille EP NA
Five Step Path Pine Tree Field One on Towism Volume 2 2008
Idleness Undermathic Deleted  NA