Special guests Edwin Somnambulist of ISNRadio and Dreamstate Seven join me in a three hour review of our top favourites from 2011 including top albums, favourite live show memories and new discoveries in the the current universe of industrial music.

Mind in a Box Cause and Effect Revelations 2012
Covenant Dynamo Clock Modern Ruin 2011 Hangedman pick #3
Caustic White Knuckle Head Fuck (feat. Faderhead) The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit 2011 Dreamstate pick #3
Siva Six Blade Runner (Stardust) The Twin Moons 2011 Dreamstate pick #2
iVardensphere Devils APOK 2011 Hangedman pick #2
Necro Facility Waiting For The Snow Wintermute 2011 Dreamstate pick #1
Aliceffekt VTH10 – Laeis 7th&8th Passage E.th Vermillionth 2011 Hangedman pick #1
Noisuf-X MurderHouse Dead End District 2011 Edwin pick #3
Aliceffekt VTH07 – Sale Traitre (Memmaker Cover) Vermillionth 2011 Edwin pick #2
iVardensphere Bloodwater (ESA Remix) APOK 2011 Edwin pick#1
Front Line Assembly Angriff Shifting Through The Lens 2010 Dreamstate best live
Modulate Skullfuck Detonation 2008 Edwin best live
Suicide Commando F*** You Bitch Bind Torture Kill 2006 Hangedman best live
Binary Park She’s Insane The Deviated 2011 Dreamstate new discovery
Patenbrigade: Wolff Stalinallee (Jugendklub Mix) Endzeit Bunkertracks (Act IV) 2009 Edwin new discovery
†‡† GHETTO ASS WITCH (FEAT. GVCCI- Ghetto Ass Witch 2011 Hangedman new discovery
Suono Dark Style (Twisted by Chainreactor) United Dark Styles 2011 Saucy Miso pick
Displacer Radioactive Night Gallery 2011 Hangedman mention in dispatches
Skinny Puppy Vyrisus Handover 2011 Edwin mention in dispatches
[:SITD:] State Of Tyranny Icon:Koru 2011 Dreamstate mention in dispatches
Haujobb Dead Market (Extended Remix) Dead Market 2011 Hangedman mention in dispatches
Shiv-R Pharmaceutical Grade This World Erase 2011 Dreamstate mention in dispatches
Caustic Generate Chaos (feat. Bitch Brigade) The Golden Vagina of Fame and Profit 2011 Shout out to Caustic