Featuring new super sweet new material from iVardensphere and the regular gay banter of the hanged.

iVardensphere Sutekh APOK 2011
iVardensphere Here Lies Lily Brant APOK 2011
This Morn’ Omina Suneater Le Serpent 2003
Combichrist Today I Woke To The Rain Of Blood Everybody Hates You 2005
Alien Vampires She’s on Drugs (Psycho Remix by PHOSGORE) Evil Bloody Music 2010
Rotersand Dare To Live (SR Version) Dare To Live EP 2006
Skylight Glare I Grow Strong Revolutionary Machines 2009
Psy’Aviah & Ayria Into the Game (feat. Ayria) [SIGNAL AOUT 42 mix] Sounds from the Matrix – 011 2011
Encephalon Rise The Transhuman Condition 2011
Aesthetic Perfection Hit the Streets (Alter Der Ruine Remix) All Beauty Destroyed (Deluxe) 2011
Binary Park The Deviated The Deviated 2011
Cervello Elettronico She’s Got Damage(Whitechapel mix) SALIGIA 2011
Iszoloscope A Deep Cthulhu Terror Revelation 2010
Frontline Assembly Everything Must Perish Epitaph 2001
Eisenfunk Pong (Beati Mortui Remix) 8-Bit 2010
Baseck & Sonic Death Rabbit Megathon Creatures 2009
Alter Der Ruine Loserstreet Giants From Far Away 2008
Mangadrive Mangadrive – Fearbomb[Virtual Terrorist – Dirty Bomb RMX] SP4: This Is Digital War 2010
Skylight Glare The Game Has Changed Under Neurodance Promo piece 2011
Converter Domination (LM) Aderlass Vol.5 2007
Trills ChildÕs Play Citric Drop 2007
Kashmir Boots 14-10-2006 One on Twoism Volume 2 2008
Candle Nine Imperfect The Muse in the Machine 2010
Midmir Where Things Become Small Step Into A Dream 2010
Boreal Network The Big Fitz Aviation Weather NA
dnn looking back [atmogat remix] crazy compilation #2 NA
Midmir Canelle Step Into A Dream 2010
Kashmir Boots MirandaÕs Infatuation One on Twoism Volume 3 2009
Dissolved Slektramine The Silica Sleep Coils 2007
Boreal Network Pause (Re Up Bikehigh USA 2: Nettles Revenge 2009
Asymmetrical Head liquid bling Encrypted beats NA
Candle Nine R5-D50-R8 (R2-D2C3-PO Mix by Autoclav 1.1) The Muse in the Machine 2010
Nebulo Batman Dancefloor Artefact 2010
Midmir Newport Riverbed Step Into A Dream 2010
Cilocub Slowly Turning Leaves March Febrile EP NA
Five Step Path Pine Tree Field One on Twoism Volume 2 2008
Idleness Undermathic Deleted (1 NA