Holiday break is over with some big changes to DXM for 2012.  Tomorrow night, Saucy Miso and myself are back on the air to talk about details of the next year. January 12, 2012 (my birthday) we’re going to do a 2011 year in review!  Following that Borealis begins!!!   This will be a new segment (the last hour) to our regular Industrial EBM line-up featuring special IDM, Avant Garde, and Obscura electronic picks presented by Saucy Miso herself.

In addition, before next week’s year in review show (hopefully with some distinguished guests) I’m making a solemn pledge to update back dated pod casts for your listening enjoyment.  I will own, that in the buzz of a new job and the holiday season I’m woefully behind in posting playlists and podcasts.

Finally, with spring just around the corner, the Kinetik Festival is nearly upon us.  Check out the great line-up at the festival website and look forward to a series of shows on Machina in the coming months that feature artists and news about Kinetik.

Oh and yes…for all you awesome local peeps, keep your eye on the events page or my Facebook page as there are a number of great local Toronto events coming up too!

Love you all!  See you in radio land!