Every year Hangedman and Saucy throw open the doors to a few select guests and throw open the airwaves for one of the season’s more hilarious showings of the radio broadcast.  The good news for this year, Orphan’s Christmas is a go for 2011.  The bad news is we won’t be broadcasting directly from the our rig (death star).  The other bad news is this will allow Hangedman the opportunity to enjoy more seasonal libations than the norm.  The other good news is Wiggles is broadcasting and has invited Hangedman and his party on the air for regular reports on a few choice Christmassy topics and some for the naughty children including the ever popular…



Hangedman will be skypeing in on Wiggles to give him regular reports on the whereabouts of the fat guy on Christmas eve using the handy dandy NATO Santa tracker (and why they track him is beyond me).  For each country he stops in Hangedman will give an anecdote regarding that country’s traditional version of Santa including the sick and twisted Japanese Santa, the cruel German Santa, the down right racist Belgian Santa and ever elusive American Turkey Riding Santa.  No Virginia I’m not making this shit up!



Another Hangedman tradition continues as he whips out the old ISK wallet and proceeds to randomly give shit away until it’s all gone!  The only qualifier you pod pilots have to do is send Hangedman an EVE mail describing in a brief paragraph or two why you deserve to get free ISK.  You have to tell me about a good deed you did in 2011 whether it was volunteering at the shelter, saving a kitten, or blowing the crap out of a can flipper!  Those stories that touch the hearts of Hangedman and his party goers get the most ISK and believe me, I’ve been known to blow huge wads of ISK on people who entertain me.



Wiggles starts the madness 9pm GMT 4pm EST Dec 24th on eve-radio.com!