Dance Ex Machina 133 broadcast live on November 2nd 2011.

Cervello Elettronico She’s Got Damage(Whitechapel mix) SALIGIA 2011
Jonah K Hippies (THuuN Remix) Drums In The Deep 2011
Daft Punk VS Basic Slack Armory (Basic Slack Remix) Tron Legacy Aftermath 2010
Combichrist Throat Full Of Glass (Dub Mix By Computer Club) Throat Full Of Glass 2011
IAYD Whore VI//New Haircut (ver 1) NA 2010
Baseck & Sonic Death Rabbit Megathon Creatures 2009
Aesthetic Perfection The Bitter Years (Straftanz) VF- Cry For Death- Vol 1 2011
Angelspit Princess Chaos (Metafakt Remix VF- Cry For Death- Vol 1 2011
Portishead & Kraftwerk Background – 1187 Electric Dimension 1996
Encephalon Rise The Transhuman Condition 2011
Memmaker Energon (Studio X Remix) How to Enlist a Robot Uprising 2008
Komor Kommando Love your Neighbour Sounds From the Matrix 07 2008
Modulate Drop Detonation 2008
iVardensphere Nuke the Site from Orbit Scatterface 2009
Skylight Glare Neurodance Cyber City 2010
Iszoloscope A Deep Cthulhu Terror Revelations Compiliation 2004
Angelspit Sleep Now (Dave Foreman) Larva Pupa Tank Coffin 2010
VNV Nation Art of Conflict Of Faith, Power And Glory 2009
Suicide Commando God Is In The Rain (Advent Resilience Remix) Death Cures All Pain 2010
Velvet Acid Christ Slut Fun with Knives 1999
Uberbyte M0wr F0cking C0wbell Nfy 2011
Portishead & Kraftwerk Background – 1187 Electric Dimension 1996
Conventional Domestic Violence Online Promo 1999
Blackfilm Walk With Me Emerging Organisms Vol.2 2009
Psykkle Code 187 (feat. Sinsect) Rock Bottom Paradise 2011
Suono Afterlife (Instrumental) Dark Style 2011
VNV Nation Radio Automatic 2011
N.C.C Two Years From Now Seven Steps Of Nervousness 2000
Binary Park Silence is Speaking Worlds Collide 2011
Soman Divine (Modulate Remix) Re:Up 2008
Cellmod Options Nanomáquina 2011