Neurodance is Toronto’s biggest and best cyber industrial party, held on the first Saturday of every month at the fabulous Club Nocturne. Below is my set, recorded deep into the night on November 5th 2011.

And what an awesomely inspired night to boot.  Who knew chiptunes and industrial went so well together, and who knew that there is an amazing amount of video game inspired artists.

Also check out for more playlists and recorded sets from the evening’s DJ’s Edwin Somnambulist, Dreamstate Seven, Okami Kaze, and Johnny Extreme


Apoptygma Berzerk Adrift (C-64 Version) Black EP Vol. 2 2011
Combichrist Throat Full Of Glass (Dub Mix by Computer Club) Throat Full Of Glass 2011
IAYD Contre Les Béhémots 8-bit Collective Promo Download NA
Velvet Acid Christ Futile (Resisted by Funker Vogt) The Remix Wars Strike 4 1999
Caustic I Play Computer! (Workman’s Comp Mix by the Gothsicles) 666 On The Crucifix 2011
IAYD Whore VI/New Haircut (Vers. 1) 8-bit Collective Promo Download NA
Mind.In.A.Box Crossroads Crossroads 2007
Eisenfunk Super Space Invaders 8-bit 2010
iVardensphere Virus (Outbreak) VF – Cry For Death – Vol 1 2011
compUterus Progress is a Train compUterus 2011
Baseck & Sonic Death Rabbit Megathron Creatures 2010