Dance Ex Machina, broadcast live on EVE Radio on October 26, 2011.

Hecq The Glow Emerging Organisms Vol.2 2009
Velvet Acid Christ Ghost In The Circuit Lust For Blood 2006
VNV Nation Prelude Judgement 2009
Zentriert Ins Antlitz Where Their Dreams Live (Access To Arasaka Remix) Emerging Organisms Vol.2 2009
Jonah K Night Terrors Drums In The Deep 2011
Binary Park Worlds Collide (Impact Mix) The Deviated 2011
Skylight Glare Soldier Rebellion Revolutionary Machines 2009
iVardensphere Myopic (feat. Caustic) APOK 2011
Straftanz Monkey Do, Monkey Say Mainstream Sellout Overground 2011
Life Cried Hallowed By Thy Name (genCAB) VF- Cry For Death- Vol 1 2011
Technikult of Flesh Electro Bitch VF- Cry For Death- Vol 1 2008
Uberbyte Industrial Bitch DOS 2009
Alien Vampires She’s on Drugs (Psycho Remix by PHOSGORE) Evil Bloody Music 2010
Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber (Polluted Axis beats up Hello Kitty with the Cyberpunk bat) Pastel Aggressive 2010
Mindless Self Indulgence Bitches Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy 1999
Apop tygma Berzerk Bitch THE SINGLES COLLECTION 2003
Suicide Commando F*** You Bitch Bind Torture Kill 2006
The Prodigy smack my bitch up the fat of the land 1997
Antythesys Hellectro Bitch Point Blank 2010
Menschdefekt Psycho Bitch The Human Parasite 2010
Pzychobitch Fitter than you (Vs. Hanin Elias) The Day After 2004
Psykkle Fake Rock Bottom Paradise 2011
Skinny Puppy I’mmortal The Greater Wrong Of The Right 2004
Alfa Matrix Monolith – Fix8:Sëd8 E. Bunkertracks II TORTURE SESSION 2006
Rotersand Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (Reclubbed) Exterminate Annihilate Destroy 2005
[:SITD:] Laughingstock (Retrosic Rmx) Orkus The Best Of 2003 CD 1 2003
Alter Der Ruine Duck And Cover (Chamber Of Terror Remix By To Mega Therion) State Of Ruin 2007
Novproc Copy & Waste Alias EP 2010
Covenant Judge of My Domain Modern Ruin 2011
Haujobb Dead Market (Extended Remix) Dead Market 2011
NORTHBORNE Airsoul (Punch Mix) Industrial For The Masses Vol.4 2010
Heimataerde Dark Dance (Mainfloor) Dark Dance 2010
Regenerator Death [Naked Monk Mix By Cycletribe] Death 2005