Broadcast live on September 28, 2011 on  Hangedman, Saucy have guests Maynard, his dog Bishop and Okami Kaze again! With music from all over the friggen planet including a Saucy Miso Attak!

ARTIST TRACK ALBUM YEAR Bagger 288 Spongs In The Key Of Life 2009
For all the Emptiness I Die (Traumatix Remix by Cyanotic) Axioms 2011
Reaper Execution of your mind by Modulate Hell Starts with an H 2007
Studio X & Terrorkode Mother F**kers Studio X hard dance remix 2010
Straftanz The Enchantment (feat. Rev. G & F. Nietzische) Mainstream Sellout Overground 2011
Grendel Chemicals & Circuitry Modulate remix Chemicals and Circuitry EP 2009
Noisefx Beatz and Bass Blast in your Face Excessive Exposure 2011
Caustic Shrapnel Condition (Mangadrive Mix) Douche Ex Machina 2011
Reaper Robust Machine Hell Starts with an H 2007
Incubite Deafening Toxicum 2011
Aliceffekt SIX02 – Building for the festival aux Jardins d’Opal Orchestrate the sixth season 2011
Sonic Area My Ghost Rhythms For Decay An Intelligent & Harsh Dancefloor Compilation 2005
Daft Punk VS Basic Slack Rinzler (BasicSlack Remix) Tron Legacy Aftermath 2010
Uberbyte M0wr F0cking C0wbell Nfy 2011
Suono The Awakening Dark Style 2011
Antythesys Hellectro Bitch Point Blank 2010
Apoptygma Berzerk Apollo (Flipside & Parsberg RMX) Black EP vol 2 2011
VNV Nation Resolution Automatic 2011
Imperative Reaction Torture Imperative Reaction 2011
Hellsau Meat Two Vain 1997
God Module Rituals Séance 2011
Caustic Bad Habits (Synapscape Mix) Douche Ex Machina 2011
Lords of Acid Little Mighty Rabbit (Christopher Lawrence Mix) Little Mighty Rabbit 2011
Daft Punk Adagio For Tron (Teddybears Remix) Tron Legacy Reconfigured 2011
iVardensphere Filterspace (Assemblage 23 Remix) Bloodwater 2010
Captive Six Shut Down Everything (C/A/T Remix) Shut Down Everything 2010
Baseck & Sonic Death Rabbit Muck Creatures 2009
Lolishit Schoolgirl With Hair-Drills Chest Flattener 2009
Kompressor Destroy Mass Media World Domination 2000
Frozen Plasma Open Monumentum 2010
Unit187 Major Tom Newer Wave 2 1996