Neurodance is Toronto’s biggest and best cyber industrial party, held on the first Saturday of every month at the fabulous Club Nocturne. Below is my first of two sets, recorded deep into the night on October 1st 2011.

As part of Toronto’s awesome all night arts festival Nuit Blanche, this Neuro was extra special with a packed dance floor well into the morning. I think we shuffled out of there around 5am or so.

Also check out for more playlists and recorded sets from the evening’s DJ’s Edwin Somnambulist, Dreamstate Seven, Jarius, and Acerbius…


Binary Park Fight Son Worlds Collide 2011
Antythesys Hellectrobitch Point Blank 2010
Komor Kommando Das Oontz Das EP 2009
Straftanz The Enchantment (feat. Reverend G and F. Nietzsche) Mainstream Sellout Overground 2011
God Module Rituals Seance 2011
Grendel Soilbleed (Obszoen Geschoepf Remix) Soilbleed EP 2005
Uberbyte Nfy M0wr F0cking C0wbell 2011
Alter Der Ruine Relax and Ride it (Handlebar Mix by Memmaker) Endzeit Bunkertracks Act IV 2009
Agonoize A Crippled Mind Sieben 2007
Terrorfakt One Nation Re/Evolution 2010
Suicide Commando Bind Torture and Kill Bind Torture and Kill 2006