Absolutely fantastic night of great live acts, and of course the solid as a rock Toronto community.  It’s been some time since I’ve personally felt this kind of excitement for a mini-fest of artists.  This night bodes well for future editions of Neuinstallation and as a small working part of this machine, I want to thank everyone who came out and supported the night, but most importantly supported the bands!

This is my playlist from Neuinstallation, September 24th 2011, Featuring live performances by Skylight Glare, Aliceffekt, Detroit Diesel, and The Gothsicles. Also featuring DJ’s Saucy Miso, Dreamstate Seven, Edwin Somnambulist and yours truly.

Photo credit and a reflection of our awesome night goes to Onsendesigns Photography!

Tonikom Nightwalk Epoch 2007
Aphorism Expanse Emerging Organisims Vol. 2 2009
Download Neuron Proper FiXer 2007
Klangstabil Kill All Lifeforms Septic VI 2006
Android Lust Existence Nonexistence (remixed by occult technologies) Stripped and Stitched 2006
Daft Punk End of Line (remixed by Basic Slack) Tron Legacy Aftermath 2010
N.C.C. Traitor Seven Steps of Nervousness 2000
Oil 10 Lost in Metropolis Arena 2003
C/A/T Everything (Captive Six remix) Shut down everything 2010
Tonikom Alibi Ocular Pitch 2006
Mind.In.A.Box Fear Crossroads 2007
Klangstabil Vertraut Vertraut 2011