Episode 128 features another fantabulous live mix from Miss Saucy Miso herself!  Original broadcast was September 14th 2011, on EVE Radio!  Annnnd, yes, we did indeed play Aliceffekt twice in one show.  Same song even!  Hey! don’t look at us, you guys voted for it!  I give you, the playlist…

Antythesys Hellectro Bitch Point Blank 2010
SAM Mad As Hell Brainwasher 2010
Incubite Ich Hasse Dich Aphasie 2010
Soman Let Me Go Noistyle 2010
Shaun F Drty Fckn Dsko Zillo’s New Signs & Sounds 2009
Alien Vampires Harshlizer (Uberbyte Mix) Harshlizer 2010
SAM Bull F**ing Shit (Studio-X Hard Dance Remix) NA 2011
Uberbyte Hardcore Industrial NFY 2011
Suono Dark Style Dark Style 2011
S.K.E.T. Lunochod 2 Elektroanschlag 2005
ESA Blood Merged Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2010
Adversary Urusai – Learned Helplessness Bone Music 2008
Access To Arasaka 400 Bloc Overground Emerging Organisms Vol.2 2009
Iszoloscope The Sum Of Us All (Ivardensphere Remix) Beyond Within 2010
Mindless Self Indulgence Straight To Video (Combichrist MIX Straight To Video (Remixes) 2006
ayria my device flicker 2005
The Gothsicles Amphibious Trigonometry (Fan Remix by empty_NES) (Exclusive) GCS2 2011
Aliceffekt Laeis 7th Passage E.th Kinetik Festival Vol. 3 2010
Displacer Phantom Limb Night Gallery 2011
Tonikom Nightwalk Epoch 2009
Salem King Night King Night (Bonus Track Version) 2010
Daft Punk VS Basic Slack End of Line (BasicSlack Remix) Tron Legacy Aftermath 2010
Rob Zombie Dragula [Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintnnare Mix] American Made Music to Strip By 1999
kidneythieves Zerøspace Zerospace 2002
Android Lust Hole Solution Devour, Rise, and Take Flight 2006
Mind.In.A.Box 8 Bits R.E.T.R.O 2010
Komor Kommando Das Oontz Das EP CDM 2009
Eisenfunk Pong (Bodyharvest Remix) 8-Bit 2010
Front Line Assembly Mindphaser Tactical Neural Implant 1992
Icon of Coil Shelter (According To Combichrist) Uploaded and Remixed 2004
FGFC820 Killing Fields Law & Ordnance 2008
Sphan Ranch Heretic’s Fork The Coiled One 1995
Phosgore Club Domination Domination 2009
Aliceffekt Laeis 7th Passage E.th Kinetik Festival Vol. 3 2010
GLIS No Pulse (Unter Null Rebalance Mix) Disappear MCD 2004