Ahhh yes, Episode 127, the Rhythimic Noise show… features special guest Razorgrrl with a hand picked selection of Rhythmic Noise, along with co-host Saucy Miso, weez ready to rumble! AND that’s not all, we’ve got new industrial, breakcore, and lotso sexeh stuff. This puppy was broadcast live on eve-radio.com August 31, 2011.

God Module Rituals (iVardensphere Mix) Rituals (Remixes) 2011
Asche Dist DJ Part IV Dist DJ 2002
Bauhaus Swing the Heartache The Sky’s Gone Out 1982
Imminent Starvation Tentack ONe North LP 1999
iVardensphere Filterscape Bloodwater 2010
Imperative Reaction Surface (Rotersand Rework) Surface 2011
Belladonnakillz Kill Bella Donna (The Panacea Remix) Perverted & Proud 2005
Bong-ra Suicide Speed Machine Girl (Ace Of Breaks Remix) Bong-ra 2006
Alex Tune What Is A Mashup? VA – Themeless 2 2010
Straftanz The Enchantment (feat. Reverned G and F. Nietzsche) Mainstream Sellout Overground 2011
Binary Park Fight Son Worlds Collide 2011
Mono-Amine Democracy Is A Dying Giant Do Not Bend 2010
Abs6 Douce Trepantation (remix by Mimetic) Audiomedikation 2010
Skylight Glare Neurodance Cyber City 2010
Aliceffekt VTH07 – Sale Traitre (Memmaker Cover) Vermillionth 2011
Detroit Diesel Lost Signal Free Internet Promo Download 2010
The Gothsicles Daisy Chain 4 Satan (TKK cover) Promo Cover 2011
for all the emptiness no paradise (demo) demo 2010
Amphetamine Virus Cheerleaders Die Better Starting Over 2009
This Morn’ Omina One eYed Man 7 Years Of Famine 2002
Psykkle Dark Day (Sacrificium Werre mix by Virtual Terrorist) The Parthian Shot 2008
Converter Coma (Tik Remix) Expansion Pack 2.0 2005
Aural Blasphemy Sonomech v2 Catharsis 2000
VNV Nation Saviour (vox) Burning Empires / Standing 2000