First an earthquake, then a tornado watch, then a massive electric storm. We risked all to bring you awesome tunage. This edition of Dance Ex Machina broadcast live August 24, 2011 live on

Tonikom Stay Epoch 2008
Nanocannon Duno Dreary Themeless 2 2010
Stendeck Every Time I Try To Reach You, You Just Fade Away Sonnambula 2009
Conventional Hypnotic Exception Web Promo 1998
Charly Linch Puttin’ Back The Cock In Drum ‘N Bass VA – Themeless 2 2010
compUterus Progress is a Train compUterus 2011
Polluted Axis The Trephining Manual (Fuck The Manual – 2008) Screaming Into The Void – Volume 02 2010
Lightning Dust Castles and Caves (Jonah K remix) Jonah K 2011 Fear Crossroads 2007
Syrian No Atmosphere (Alien#six 13 Mix) Enforcer EP 2005
Android Lust The Want (Existence-Nonexistence) (Remixed By Occultechnologies) Stripped And Stitched 2004
Stray Abuse By Proxy Abuse By Proxy 2008
Unter Null Broken Heart Cliché Moving On 2010
Captive Six The Message (Demo Mix) Shut Down Everything 2010
Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber Screaming Into The Void – Volume 02 2010
Mangadrive Mangadrive – Fearbomb [Polluted Axis Stole Your Robot Legs] SP4: This Is Digital War 2010
Uberbyte Industrial Bitch DOS 2009
Daft Punk End of Line (Basic Slack remix) Tron Legacy Reconfigured 2010
N.C.C. Traitor Seven Steps of Nervousness  2000
iVardensphere Filterscape (Assemblage 23 remix) Bloodwater  2010
Front Line Assembly I. E. D. Improvised. Electronic. Device 2010
In Strict Confidence Heaven Is The Place To Be Love Kills! 2000
Funker Vogt Faster Life (XXPQ 21-Remix) Revivor 2000
VNV Nation Honour 2003 (Fdr Version) Advanced Electronics Vol.2 2003
Project Pitchfork Timekiller Daimonion 2001
Cellmod Treason Nanomáquina 2011
Aiboforcen Poem of Life (Version 2) Sounds from the Matrix – 011 2011
Detroit Diesel Lost Signal (FREE 128kbps version) Free Web Promo 2010
Aliceffekt VTH06 – 60Va Future Time Vermillionth 2011