Broadcast live on August 17, 2011 – 125 is all about Saucy Miso as she takes the broadcast command chair, works the decks and produces a kick-ass show as Hangedman plays co-host.

iVardensphere Sentient Wave Form (Komor Kommando Remix) iVardensphere Remixes Volume 1 2010
Antithesys Hellectrobitch Point Blank 2010
Modulate Buzzsaw Detonation 2008
Terrorkode Whore Whores + Motherfuckers 2010
Komor Kommando Trigger Finger Das EP 2009
Soman Noistyle Noistyle 2010
Memmaker Death Audio Blow Your Brains How to Enlist a Robot Uprising 2008
Phosgore Red Red Kroovy Domination 2009
Modulate No Good Detonation 2008
[x]-rx Mechanics Update 3.0 2010
Extize Boize loves girlz Gothic Pussy 2010
T3RR0R 3RR0R In my dreams Digital Infaction 2010
Alien Vampires She’s on Drugs Harshlizer 2010
Angel spit Fink Lunarmix (Noir Du’soleil) Larvae Pupa Tank Coffin 2010
Eisenfunk Super Space Invaders 8-bit 2011
[x]-Rx Drums Bass Drugz and Noize Update 3.0 2010
Fabrikc T1n0m0 When Angels Die 2007
Fucked On LSD Alien Vampires Harshlizer 2010
De_Tot_Cor Lies Es Mir Vor Dead Heart EP 2010
Centron Roter Stern Centron 2010
DYM Right to Fail The Swarm 2011
Adversary Bone Music (Antigen Shift Remix) Bone Music 2008
Tonikom The Gesture The Sniper’s Veil 2009
Meat Beat Manifesto She’s Unreal The Blair Witch Project: Josh’s Blair Witch Mix 1999
Architect R For Vendetta (Ribi For President) Lower Lip Interface 2007
Stendeck Something Special Is Going To Happen Sonnambula 2009
Displacer Radioactive Night Gallery 2011
Iszoloscope The Unsettled Beyond Within 2010
Prospero Contagion & Rebirth (Remix By Flint Glass) Circumsounds 2008
Cellmod Colors Nanom√°quina 2011
Sonic Area My Ghost Rhythms For Decay An Intelligent & Harsh Dancefloor Compilation 2005
Totakeke Power Of Ideas (Hidden Forms Mix) Emerging Organisms-Hidden Forms Compilation Series Vol.1 2007
Fidelium God Tank IDMf010: Between the Silence and Story 2010
Cervello Elettronico Rock Your Cage Negate The Instigator 2007
Plateau Gort Gort Spacebar 2009
Uberbyte Aeon DOS 2009
The Verb Trailbrekaer (tuneboxii Remix) IDMf010: Between the Silence and Story 2010