Flying solo for this show as both Nesta and Saucy were away this week. Originally broadcast on July 27, 2011

Daft Punk VS Basic Slack End of Line (BasicSlack Remix) Tron Legacy Aftermath 2010
V Combust Song to the Siren (Theadora Version) Unreleased Demo 2011
In Strict Confidence seven lives (spherework) Holy-The Hecq Destruxxion 2004
Underworld Rez 1992-2002 Disc 1 2003
Skinny Puppy Goneja The Greater Wrong Of The Right 2004
Velvet Acid Christ Mindphlux [trip zone mix] Twisted though generator 2000
Rotersand Content Killer (4am Dub) Electronic World Transmisson – 2004
Jonah K Kihara Dwaallicht 2009
Aliceffekt Disco Me Peter (with Johnny Hollow) Lu’s Floral Funeralis 2009
Skylight Glare Somnambulist Revolutionary Machines 2009
Covenant Worlds Collide Modern Ruin 2011
Lolishit Mouth To Mouth English DUB 2009
Baseck & Sonic Death Rabbit They Smell My Fear Creatures 2009
[distatix] Disappear Medication  2009
Ivardensphere Nuke The Site From Orbit Scatterface 2009
Aesthetic Perfection Living The Wasted Life (Machineries Mix) Machineries Of Joy Volume 4 2007
Informatik At Your Command (Abdication Revision) Re:vision  2006
Seabound Watching Over You (Haujobb Rem Poisonous Friend 2004
Mind.In.A.Box Fear Crossroads 2007
Architect Catch The Target Lower Lip Interface 2007
Marching Dynamics eschelons (the ninth life) The Workers Party Of Haiti 2009
Modulate Hard And Dirty Detonation 2008
Front Line Assembly Epitaph Epitaph 2001
Prospero Turning Point (Featuring Xorcist) (Remix) Turning Point 2011
Tankt Elite Septic II 2001
Bitch Brigade Bubblegum Cyber (Polluted Axis beats up Hello Kitty with the Cyberpunk bat) Pastel Aggressive 2010
Fractured Beneath The Ashes Beneath The Ashes 2011
Negative Format Particle Shift Moving Past The Boundaries 2005
Alter Der Ruine Shit-Disco Stunner (Sleaze Version) Kinetik Festival Vol. 3 2010
The Prodigy Invaders Must Die Invaders Must Die 2009