Dance Ex Machina 122 broadcast live in Toronto, Canada on Eve Radio on July 20th 2011.  Once again please skip through the lousy sever transition music at the beginning of the recording.

Covenant Beat the Noise Modern Ruin 2011
D-Kommand WDF Soundcloud download 2010
Reakt[ion] Parasite Promo 2011
Phosgore Pain Tutorial (Traumatized by Xotox) Kinetik Festival Vol. 4 2011
[x]-Rx Electric man Update 3.0 2010
Suicide Commando Die Motherfucker Die (Remixed By C-Lekktor) Die Motherfucker Die 2009
compUterus Progress is a Train compUterus 2011
bananaSLOTH Banana In My Brain/Tokyo Decadence Mix Zombie Battle 2019! 2009
Iszoloscope Raudivian Device (Mangadrive Remix) Beyond Within 2010
Converter Electric wizard Expansion Pack 2.0 2005
Displacer Falling (Instrumental) Night Gallery (Web promo) 2011
Bjork Pluto Homogenic 1997
Xorcist Spider (8 Legged Mix) Insects & Angels 1998
CUBANATE Vortech II Barbarossa 1996
Atari Teenage Riot Raverbashing Delete Yourself 1995
the azoic conflict (combichrist remix) Advanced Electronics Vol. 3 2004
C-Tec Let Your Body Die (Cubanate Mix) Cyber-Tec 1995
Haujobb Dead Market (Absolute Body Control Remix) Dead Market 2011
OST Fluke – Atom Bomb wipEout 2097 1996
Cellblock X Blugar Showboats Hypnotic – Terrortrance From Hell 1996
The Horrorist One Night In NYC (Pascal FEOS 2000
N.C.C RU486 Seven Steps Of Nervousness 2000
Front 242 Headhunter 2000 (Apoptygma Ber Headhunter 2000 1998
aïboforcen not unique (implant mix) kafarnaüm (ltd edition) 2000
VNV Nation Solitary (Deathstar Disco By Covenant) The Solitary EP 1998
In Strict Confidence Wenn Ich Die Augen Schließe Love Kills! 2000
KMFDM Anarchy KMFDM 1999
Laibach Final Countdown Anthems 2004